Why 20,000+ Parents Use Our Nursery Animal Art Prints

Decorating a nursery can be fun, but also a daunting experience. There's a lot to think about when furnishing the room, from both your perspective (as a parent) and from the perspective of your child.

The room has to be practical first and foremost, but why stop there? It can also be entertaining, educational and a huge positive influence.

The hard part is finding items that tick all the right boxes...

This is especially true when it comes to nursery wall art. Wall art for nurseries can provide some much needed visual interest and make the walls a lot less bare.

But, it helps to find pieces that do more than just 'fill the space'.

Your child deserves to look at positively engaging images (that they can learn from).

At Strawberry Valley Prints, we provide precisely that, with a vast series of nursery animal prints that help your child’s development.

Why Use Wall Art in the Nursery?

Nursery art prints can stimulate a positive visual interest and act as fun, educational tools.

When choosing items for the nursery, think about how they appeal to the senses? Textures and tactile objects are popular with toys, as children learn by touch – (even if that starts via their mouths).

But, we can sometimes overlook the importance of visual appeal for sight and brain development.

The more that babies have around them (to learn about their world), the easier it will become and the more advanced their development will be.

Nursery artwork immediately makes the room more stimulating as kids learn to distinguish the interesting shapes and colour tones in front of them. With time, this can develop with greater object and colour recognition.


Why Choose Animals ?

Animal prints will always go down well with both kids and parents alike...

Animal-themed nurseries continue to be popular with parents as a way of bringing in cute designs and educating children at the same time.

Many early-learning toys will use cartoons of all kinds of popular animals for recognition of forms, texture, and sounds. The pink pig goes 'oink', the fluffy white sheep goes 'baa', and the hairy yellow dog goes 'woof'.

We can continue this with stories and lessons about those animals, perhaps instilling an interest in the natural world from an early age. Engaging with animal-theme nursery artwork takes that even further...

High Resolution Artwork

Strawberry Valley nursery prints are engaging and educational thanks to their blend of realism and fantasy.

Kids can learn a lot from the nursery art prints because of the range of animals included and the focus on realistic images. It is a brilliant new way to see what the animals in their storybooks and on their toys really look like.

Parents can spend time showing their children the images while reciting stories. Kids can trace the ears, fur, and other features as they recognise shapes.

The designs of the artwork for sale at Strawberry Valley instantly make you want to go over to them for a closer look. Part of this comes from the realism of many of the images.

Although stylised, the animals depicted are all realistic versions of different species. The elephant looks like a real elephant rather than something from a cartoon. This makes it even cuter while helping children understand what these animals are really like.

There is an early opportunity and appreciation for the true form instead of an anthropomorphised image.


An Incredible Attention to Detail

Where there are touches of fantasy in some of the prints, they are more subtle.

If there really were unicorns running around in the wild, they would look like the one in our unicorn print.

There's a little touch of a rainbow in the mane but not too much. The same is true for the regal swan in its crown and the robins in their scarves. The creatures are realistic with just a little embellishment.

This also means that all the prints go nicely together regardless of which animal you choose.


The 'Peekaboo' Portrait Setting

Then there's the fact that the animals are looking out of the frame, many completely face on. It is as though they are watching you and your child and a bigger part of the room. It encourages viewers to go over and interact with them. There is eye contact, which is another important skill for babies to learn with time.


How to set up nursery animal prints in your child’s room for maximum impact.

Whichever of our prints you decide to go for, you can create even greater visual appeal by considering where and how you hang them up in the room. Consider the following for the best reactions.

  1. The style and colour of the frame.
  2. The number and theme of the pieces that you want to hang together in the room.
  3. The position of these pieces on the wall.
  4. The interchangeability of the artwork.

1. The style and colour of the frame.

Each print is ready to be framed on arrival.

This gives parents the chance to find a frame and mount that works brilliantly with the theme in the room.

While neutral white mounts and frames blend into the wall and showcase the animals, there are also benefits in having a combination of black and white for a high-contrast look. These dark borders could draw the eyes of young children with greater ease. Or, you can choose a brighter colour that fits in with other elements of the décor.


2. The number and theme of the pieces that you want to hang together in the room.

The great thing about these smaller themed prints is that you can have as many as you want in one room. A single piece of artwork can look great as a statement piece above a changing table or cot. But, there is more for kids to enjoy and learn from if there is a group of images.

A block of four or six matching prints looks great if they all have the same background. This can help when learning about the difference between the animals. You could have a collection of woodland creatures for a woodland themed room, or you could stick with a safari, farmyard or zoo theme.

gallery of animal art prints

3. The position of these baby animal art prints on the wall.

There is a natural inclination for parents to put artwork high up on the wall at eye-level.

This is fine if you are walking around with your child in your arms, telling them stories about the animals, and helping them with shape recognition. But, your child could struggle to appreciate the artwork if they are playing on the floor or laying in their cot.

A beneficial alternative is to set up these prints much lower on the walls. It might look strange at first, but it puts them in your child’s eye line so they can engage with the images more easily. This means that older babies can learn independently and interact with the animals on their own.

4. The interchangeability of the artwork.

Finally, don’t forget that you can keep playing around with the configuration of these pieces to maintain your child’s interest.

You could bring in new pieces now and then to provide a new learning experience for your child. For example, you could temporarily replace the lion cub in a scene with the tiger cub print.

You can trace the stripes and the orange fur and tell them stories of these animals. The more creatures they see, the more that they will learn.

featured animal art prints in the nursery


Strawberry Valley nursery animal art prints could be just what your child’s room needs.

The right piece of art in the right place in a room can engage a child and help them develop their vision and recognition skills.

Our baby animal art prints make this more fun and interesting with the wide range of realistic creatures and the cute depictions.

Find the animal, or range of animals that best suits the theme of your nursery and watch as your child begins to engage with the shapes and colours.

You could spark a true love of animals from an early age...