Unicorn Picture

Unicorn Picture - strawberry-valley-prints

So, what's so special about Unicorn Pictures?

Loved by millions, this legendary animal is often considered the most magical of mythical creatures. An 'enchanting' picture of a unicorn is used to symbolize the pure of heart, wisdom and virtue.

* Did you know... the unicorn is the national animal symbol of Scotland. A country famed for it's long history of myths and legends.

Why did you make the Unicorn Picture?

It was a request from an adorable little girl... our senior artist's 8yr old daughter, Olivia!

She frequently asked her father for a 'nice picture of a unicorn'. Closely followed by a lengthy and emphatic, 'pleeeeeeease' (she desperately wanted one for her 'boring' wall space above her bed).

So, he worked on it, then added it to our 'peekaboo' range of prints and it was an instant hit! Going viral on social media. That led to one very happy little girl... (closely followed by thousands of other children).

unicorn pictures

Turn blank walls into positive spaces...

Looking for girls bedroom decorating ideas ?

Our animal art prints are ideal if you're looking to take a leaf out of Olivia's book ? Children are perhaps more focused on something that busy adults often lose track of...

Surrounding yourself with things that make you happy...

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We've had so many messages from customers and their children over the years (and gifts believe it or not!) - Expressing their well wishes and gratitude for making artwork like our unicorn picture. They are parents who just love putting big smiles on their little kids faces...

* Did you know... it's national unicorn day on April 9th. A day specifically reserved for rainbow cupcakes and magical sparkles.