The Frog Prince Art Print

The Frog Prince Art Print

What exactly is The Frog Prince ?

It's a classic fairytale favourite. An old story, which is best known through 'The Brother's Grimm' set of folklore tales from the 19th century.

Why did you make this art print ?

It was a request... a print that we were asked to make (by a few mums recently, who's children had fallen in love with the story).

So with a little bit of Strawberry Valley style inspiration, we rolled up our sleeves and got to work. We made our very own version of this popular little frog character :

picture of the frog prince

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We've also got a 'normal' version of this frog print (without the crown), for those customers looking to perhaps add the little guy to a wider themed collection...

Here, you can see our normal frog along with our brown rabbit, piglet and chick prints :

frog nursery picture 

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