unframed art prints

Unframed Art Prints

Unframed Art Prints

If you want to buy unframed art prints, we've totally got you covered. But if you're wondering if we sell framed prints as an option? We don't, but we do have some very good reasons as to exactly why that is...

  • Customers like to have all kinds of different frame finishes, sizes and colours.
  • We'd have to source (and store) many thousands of frames.
  • We'd have to charge for that and extra labour.
  • We'd also have to charge for extra packaging materials, for every shipment.
  • Shipping costs dramatically go up with increased parcel size, weight and insurances.

Cost vs Convenience

All in all, these considerations actually (at least) triple what a frame 'should' cost (the retail price). With most customers making multiple purchases of our prints, you can quickly see how the overall prices would soon escalate to extortionate prices.

In a Nutshell...

It's proven to be much more cost effective to frame the prints at the customer end, and with over 50,000 unframed prints sold to date, we're happy to report that we don't experience any issues...

If you'd like to explore more, we've written this framing guide which will explain everything you need to know about framing unframed prints.