Safari & Jungle Animal Prints

Go wild with our Safari animal prints. Fun-packed, adorable artwork to inspire positive emotional well-being. A safari themed nursery can promote a healthy, happy outlook to nurture positive child development.

Safari and Jungle Animal Prints

Explore our premium safari and jungle animal prints, perfect décor for the nursery and more. This is just a small collection, we do have a full range of nursery animal prints.

They can educate young minds, inspire imaginative storytelling and make amazing gifts to bring a smile to the face of loved ones. Mix and match the complete range of wall art to create adorable gallery wall features.

safari theme nursery decor

Safari Themed Nursery Décor

Watch as your child begins to engage with the shapes and colours. You could spark a true love of animals from an early age.

animal wall art prints

Positive Child Development

We focus on stylized realistic images to develop recognition skills. Children see what the animals in their storybooks and on their toys REALLY look like.

Neutral Colour Décor

Our neutral backgrounds won’t detract from or overpower the main image. It promotes calm and makes the animals stand out in their frames.