Why Buy a Digital Art File?

You may feel a little apprehensive about buying a digital file, after all, it's not a physical item where you can immediately hold the 'value' in your own two hands...

However, there are huge benefits of buying a digital art piece directly from artists.

1. You Own The File. It's Yours. Forever.

You no longer have to buy just one copy of artwork (a framed wall print or a canvas perhaps). When you own the original HD digital file, you can print it whenever you like, onto whatever you like. As many times as you like!

2. You Can Print Onto Multiple Items.

You can print it at home, at a local print shop or you can upload it to one of the many online 'print-on-demand' services available in most countries now. It's really easy these days, for individuals to print onto paper, canvas, blankets, cushions, water bottles, wall tiles, coasters, greeting cards, clothing, tea-towels, mugs, chopping boards etc, etc... simply upload the file to a print-on-demand website and have your items delivered straight to your door!

3. It's Cost-Effective.

In recent years, the art print world has divided. 'Artists' are on one side and print services are on the other. Hundreds of 'print-on-demand' services now exist in production facilities across the globe. Easily accessible and printing millions of items for customers just like you, every year.

Artists (like us) specialize in creating artwork and print services specialize in printing onto products. That divided specialization allows for lower prices, lower shipping costs and it opens the door to a huge array of available homeware products. Simply 'drag and drop' your artwork onto products online and have them delivered to your door locally, within your own country (eliminating high international shipping costs altogether).

4. It's Easy To Edit And Make Changes.

We work digitally and non-destructively. That means that when you commission a digital art piece from us, you don't have to feel any pressure should you change your mind about something half way through. It's not a problem. With a traditional drawing or painting commission, this is virtually impossible without starting again from scratch (and most likely being charged again for it).

5. It's A Gift That Keeps On Giving.

This is especially true of family related artwork, where a digital file could be used over and over again, to gift to different family members on special occasions perhaps.

6. Share The Cost With Others.

With some artwork, the digital file can be bought by multiple people, each contributing towards the cost. Once you receive the file, you can instantly make a copy and send it to each person. They can then print it onto whatever they like...

Framed wall art prints, a painting style canvas, even cushions for the sofa! There are a wide variety of product available, so why limit your options to just one standard purchase.

7. It's Easy To Keep Your Treasured Memories Safe.

Often, when customers order our personalized artwork, it depicts special, treasured memories or moments in life. With digital files, it's easy to make multiple backups and protect those memories forever.

8. Instant Delivery Via Email

Get your file within minutes of us finishing it, no matter where you are in the world!