Animal Art Prints for the Nursery

Why Animal Art Prints are Essential for Nursery Décor.

Decorating a nursery can be a fun but also a daunting experience. There is a lot to think about when furnishing the room, from both your perspective as a parent and the perspective of your child.

The room has to be practical, but it can also be entertaining, educational, and attractive. The hard part is finding items that tick all the right boxes. This is especially true when it comes to nursery wall art.

Wall art in nurseries can provide some much needed visual interest and make the walls a lot less bare. But, it helps to find pieces that do more than fill the space. Your child deserves to look at engaging images that they can learn from.

At Strawberry Valley, we provide precisely that with a vast series of nursery animal prints that nurture your child’s development and bring a sense of tranquility to nurseries, transforming them into serene sanctuaries where little ones can rest and dream peacefully...

Nursery art prints act as educational tools.

When choosing items for the nursery, it's all about how they appeal to the senses. Textures and tactile objects are popular with toys as children learn by touch – even if that starts via their mouths.

But, we can sometimes overlook the importance of visual appeal for sight and brain development. The more that babies have around them to learn about their world, the easier it will become.

Nursery artwork makes the room more stimulating as kids learn to distinguish the shapes and tones in front of them. With time, this can develop with greater object and colour recognition.

Realistic Wildlife Portraits: Lifelike depictions of animals such as lion cubs, giraffes, and zebras bring the beauty of the natural world indoors, inspiring a sense of wonder and appreciation for Earth's magnificent creatures.

Animal prints for both kids and parents.

Animal-themed nurseries continue to be popular with parents as a way of bringing in cute designs and educating children. Many early-learning toys will use all kinds of animals for recognition of forms, texture, and sounds.

The pink pig goes 'oink', the fluffy white sheep goes 'baa', the yellow duck goes 'quack'. We can continue this with stories and lessons about those animals, perhaps instilling an interest in the natural world from an early age.

Engaging with animal-theme nursery artwork takes that even further. Strawberry Valley nursery prints are engaging and educational thanks to their blend of realism and fantasy.

Kids can learn a lot from the nursery art prints because of the range of animals included and the focus on realistic images. It is a brilliant new way to see what the animals in their storybooks and on their toys really look like.

Parents can spend time showing their children the images while reciting stories. Kids can trace the ears, fur, and other features as they recognise shapes.


In conclusion, our animal art prints are not just decorative accents; they're transformative elements that take nursery décor to new heights of whimsy and wonder

The designs instantly make you want to go over to them for a closer look. Part of this comes from the realism of many of the images. Although stylised, the animals depicted are all realistic versions of different species.

The elephant looks like a real elephant rather than something from a cartoon. This makes it even cuter while helping children understand what these animals are really like. There is an appreciation for the true form instead of an anthropomorphised image.

Where there are touches of fantasy in some of the prints, they are more subtle. If there really were unicorns running around in the wild, they would look like the one in our print.

There is a little touch of a rainbow in the mane but not too much. The same is true for the regal swan in its crown. The creatures are realistic with just a little embellishment.

This also means that all the prints go nicely together regardless of which animal you choose.

Then there's the fact that the animals are looking out of the frame, many completely face on. It is as though they are watching you and your child and a bigger part of the room.

It encourages viewers to go over and interact with them. There is eye contact, which is another important skill for babies to learn with time.

This is why you can find a wide range of nursery animal art prints at Strawberry Valley.