1. Do you sell frames ?

We don't supply frames as it works out overly expensive for the customer. It's much better to frame artwork at the customer's end to avoid very high costs of extra packaging, labour, higher postage costs and insurance to the actual art print.

2. How easy is it to frame the art prints ?

Very easy. We use the standard 'A' sizes (called ISO format) so there's plenty of choice both online and in home stores. What you have to look for are two sizes... There's the outer frame size, which is usually made of wood, metal or plastic. This can vary depending on your requirements. Then there's the inner 'picture' size, which is the most important measurement. It has to be exact and specifically for the 'A' size paper of the print you want to frame.

3. Can you give me some examples ?

Of course! For example: If you were to buy an 'A4 frame for an A5 picture' or a '14x11 inch Frame for an A4 image' then you would have frames purposefully made in the correct 'Aspect Ratio'. What this means is that the borders of the cutout window (used to display the print) will match the edges of the print paper exactly and will be correctly balanced.

4. What colour is the background and can i change it?

It's a neutral, mid tone grey with a subtle hint of green. We choose this as it helps portray the realism of the artwork. It's very rare to have a portrait setting which is monotone (black,white or pure grey) and this can cause the artwork to appear flat. Unfortunately, the colour information contained in each print is tied closely into the background when we make them, so we're unable to change the background colour afterwards.

5. How do i use the discount code?

During the checkout process, a box will appear. If you type TAKE20 into the box field, it will knock 20% off the total amount for you. #HappyDays!

Got a different question not covered here? Please send it over to us and we'll be happy to answer it for you...