Very easy. We use the standard metric 'A' sizes (called ISO format) so there's plenty of choice both online and in home stores. In fact, we've written a brief framing guide which will help get you pointed you in the right direction.

It's a neutral, mid tone grey with a subtle hint of green. We choose this as it helps portray the realism of the artwork. It's very rare to have a portrait setting which is monotone (black,white or pure grey) and this can cause the artwork to appear flat. Unfortunately, the colour information contained in each print is tied closely into the background when we make them, so we're unable to change the background colour afterwards.

We're sorry to say that we don't. We get lots of requests, but the process of making the artwork is pretty lengthy and very time consuming, so it means that we have to charge ridiculous amounts to make it work. We soon realised that it wasn't possible on a practical basis (as we have to essentially 'drop' everything else).

We don't. We get asked a lot, but we're purely an exclusive retail outlet, selling our products directly to our customers via online channels. This allows us to always maintain our very high standards and attach exceptional customer service to our products.