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Did you know? Art prints evoke an emotional response - They can literally make you 'feel'...

With that in mind, imagine a room. A warm, inviting room where even the walls make you happy. Where the colours, shapes and images on the walls, trigger a positive emotional response when you're around them. Your own personal response, to your own personal wall art, in your own personal space.

That really happens... and it's how you use art to turn a house, into a home.

Emotional 'triggers' are all around us, every day, everywhere... simply walking into a room can sub-consciously trigger memories, it can make you feel warm and comfortable. Sculpting your own daily environment goes a long way to positively affecting your (and your loved ones) long-term emotional well-being.

Empty walls on the other hand, are a lost opportunity...

That's why here at Strawberry Valley Prints, we create all kinds of art prints, that allow you to fill those empty spaces with things that make you happy.