Safari Nursery Ideas

Safari nursery prints offer a brilliant way to enhance the décor of your child’s room.

For positive development, children need visual stimulation. So, the perfect print in a prime position (by a bed, crib or changing mat) could make a massive difference to their development, enjoyment and well-being.

It isn’t uncommon for parents to use cartoons of safari animals around the nursery. But, here at Strawberry Valley, we have safari animal prints that are even more engaging and beneficial for our kids...

Safari themes are brilliant for nurseries of animal lovers

You can’t go wrong with an animal theme in a nursery because it is such a brilliant way to introduce our children to the natural world from a young age.

If you have a love of nature and want to share that with your children, it's never too early. Kids are easily influenced by images and depictions of creatures in their media.

Teach a child about the 'big bad wolf', 'nasty spiders' or 'snakes' and they will grow up with strong sense of fear or distrust.

Teach them about the beauty and diversity of all animals and they will be more confident and respectful of the world around them (and want to learn more).

Safari & jungle animal art prints are perfect for this as they offer an insight into a world that's both magical and real at the same time.

There are extraordinary creatures on the savannah and in jungles across the world that they may be lucky enough to see in zoos when they get a little older.

Safari themed pictures help them to recognise the shapes and sounds of these popular creatures and show that there's more to the natural world than the farmyard or the woodland.

The problem with a lot of traditional safari prints is that they are overly stylised.

Many nursery safari themes follow one of two directions with their prints. They are either:

  • overly anthropomorphised with no realistic features (cartoon-style).
  • overly stylised with basic shapes and unrealistic colours (abstract).

It's understandable why so many designers go for unrealistic, overly anthropomorphised figures of animals in their stories and designs. There are fairy-tales where the characters can talk, have lifestyles and homes that kids can relate to.

The three bears for example, were eating porridge and sleeping in beds. So, it makes sense to create bears that have human characteristics or to clothe woodland creatures – such as in Beatrix Potter books.

But, this takes away a lot of what makes the real animals so interesting and it makes it harder to teach kids about them.

Images can be more exaggerated (to make things engaging and easier for the child). But, it helps to have a different point of reference in the room, especially if you want to teach children more about the real natural world.

Strawberry Valley Safari animal prints are different.

When you turn to Strawberry Valley for your wall prints, you can be sure of animal prints that are much more realistic, but still engaging to look at.

Parents and children alike are drawn to the prints because you can pay closer attention to the form and feel more connected with the image. Our art prints offer:

  • realistic depictions that provide a better idea of what the animals are really like
  • a soft cute feel that tones things down compared to real photographs
  • images that are face-on and much more endearing and interactive for kids

Our prints are different from those that are stylised or cartoonish as they offer realistic depictions of a wide range of animals.

This level of realism helps to provide a better idea of what the animals are really like.

Kids can develop a stronger connection with the animals and make links between the animals in the real world and those in storybooks. As they get older, you can take this further by introducing kids to animals in zoos and wildlife parks.

It's easier for kids to show applied learning when the lion in the zoo looks exactly like the image they love on their wall.

There isn’t any sense of confusion or disappointment that you might get if the real animal doesn’t match their preconceived ideas.

Creating the right 'vibe'

There's also a (very important) softer feel to the images that tones things down compared to real photographs.

We needed to be able to find a midway point between something cute and soft and something realistic.

Photographs of a wide-open African savannah, filled with animals in their real habitats are great for older kids with a deeper interest in natural history. But a nursery isn’t the place for complex ideas beyond the forms and colours of the animals.

The softer look and the calm feel of the prints add to a more soothing atmosphere while still ensuring that this is a “real” elephant or giraffe.

The 'portrait' setting

Another benefit of our safari themed nursery prints is that you have face-on images.

The animals are looking straight at us out of the frame. There's a direct connection between the viewer and the subject that you wouldn’t get if the animal was looking away or engaging in its own activity.

This promotes eye contact and social skills while making the prints much more endearing and interactive for kids.

Kids can get up close with their new friends and feel as though they are an important part of the room.

Safari and Jungle art prints for your nursery

Also, there is a wide range of animals to chose from – some of which are a little more unusual.

One thing that is sure to be a pleasant surprise for parents browsing our safari and jungle art prints is that there is a wide range of animals available.

Many companies would stop at the more traditional figures. As we mentioned before, elephants, monkeys, and giraffes are always popular because of their silhouettes and recognisable shapes. But, there is so much more to discover in the natural world.

Imagine, you could play with a toy such as a stylised elephant, with giant ears, a rounded body, and incorrect colouration, then have a realistic version of that world to enhance their education.

You can trace the long neck of the giraffe and count the spots. But you don't have to stop there. There's also an orangutan, a baby gorilla, as well as an adorable hippo and striking baby rhino to help build a bigger 'gallery' collection.

Mix and match concepts and images with our interchangeable 'range' of prints.

The other great thing about having such a wide range of prints on offer, is that you can mix and match and create some brilliant sets in your room.

You may have the perfect space for a block of four prints on a wall instead of dotting them around the room. This allows for an even better opportunity to theme some prints and swap them out at a later date.

Swapping prints can help to make the room more interesting and engaging for longer. Kids may get bored seeing the same shapes and colours each day. So, you could swap out a chimp with a flamingo for an entirely different effect.


The great thing about our art prints is that they are affordable, easy to ship, and make great gifts.

You can start with one piece that you like the look of and make it a statement in your room, or perhaps buy one for a pregnant friend or relative.

Have fun finding the best frame and position in the room. Then, you can add to the collection over time and continue to evolve the theme as your child develops.

There's no shortage of choice and we always go that extra mile so that you'll be satisfied no matter which animal you add to your little menagerie.

Get started with your first safari animal prints today...